The Problem
The nature and pace of woman�s lift have undergone profound changes. Her professional commitments have greatly increase, though she still continues to take care of the family and of most of the housework. As a result, a woman has much less free time than a man and fewer opportunities to relax or to take a break. Having to do an increasing number of more and more demanding activities and to assume more and more personal responsibility is at the core of the stress of modern life.

We are continually overwhelmed by a huge amount of information � sometimes contradictory � and thus involved in a process which increases at a very rapid pace.

The moral principles which were safe guidelines some time ago no longer exist and people feel less and less sure of their own responses. Each one of us must carefully evaluate everything and choose his own truth and moral principles on which to build his own identity.

This inevitably brings about a considerable increase in responsibility, exposing us to constant psychological pressure, fatigue and anxiety.

Stress can no longer be regarded as an anomaly or imbalance because it is now part of our lifestyle. We must learn to keep it under control as far as possible, because attempting to avoid the sources which cause it would mean retiring into our shell and living in our own isolated world. .

The Solution
Since the lift of modern man is inevitably exposed to a number of factors which induce stress � psychological, physical and social � it will become more and more important to become accustomed to living with it, in order to avoid excessive tension.

The solution consists in allowing ourselves tome to regenerate our energy, giving ourselves a chance to experience pleasant sensations and just think of nothing with the aim of reaching perfect harmony between body and mind,

There are plenty of techniques which may enable us to achieve a feeling of well-being. Some people, for example, concentrate on physical exercise, such as sport or gardening, to achieve that goal. It should not be forgotten, however, that the skin is a crucial element in the reception of sensations and this is demonstrated by the close connection between the psychological benefits derived from the use of cosmetics and the improvement in a person�s psychological well-being.

Today, we must not neglect the beneficial effects of cosmetic products on the psychological level, as this constitutes a dimension well beyond their actual efficacy as beauty products and greatly enhances it. Cosmetic products are more and more closely associated with the idea of what is genuinely natural. Using vegetable substances to make a cosmetic product if gradually becoming a more and more concrete possibility.
The importance the user gives to the �natural� cosmetic product continues to increase and a new environment-oriented approach to cosmetics is gradually catching on.
Users clearly express their views and state their preference for the more �natural� products, and O�Derme is undoubtedly prepared to meet these demands.

O�Derme is responding to the ever-increasing need for well-being with new products which help fight stress and which are associated with and environment-friendly image of �natural cosmetics�. The Thalassoderme line of cosmetics has recently been launched by the O�Derme brand and its main features include:

  • Mineral Salts of marine origin, which represent the active principles at the base of traditional thalassocosmetics
  • Functional substances derived from algae and plants of proven cosmetic properties.
  • Essential Oils use in accordance with the most up-to-date criteria of aroma-cosmetics.
  • Textures which satisfy the need for well-being and pleasant sensations during application.
  • Scents and fragrance given by the blend of essential oils, which stimulate the sense of smell and thus enhance the effects of cosmetics.

    The Thalassoderme line has adopted a holistic approach, particularly adapted for the prevention of the imbalance which may occur on the skin as a result of the everyday stress we are exposed to in modern times.

    Both body and mind are treated as one unit and this conception leads to a more global and comprehensive view of each customer�s needs and demands.

    A feeling of well-being, beauty and relaxation are the main objectives of all Thalassoderme beauty treatments aimed at just the ideal balance between body and mind.

Cosmetic Features
Marine Salts
Marine salts, the elements which compose sea water, are extracted from the sea water through a natural process of evaporation. They comprise sodium salts (Sodium Chloride), potassium salts, calcium salts and trace elements.

Indeed, sea water is a precious source of vital elements which are extremely beneficial to the skin. Thalassocosmetics is based on the application of different formulations containing marine salts and algae extracts and has been used as a cosmetic treatment since ancient times.


  • mineralizing properties
  • stimulating action
  • in conjunction with a specific hand massage or with specific equipment, they help perform beauty treatment for the aesthetic disorders related to cellulite or localized adiposity.
Essences of essential oils are scented substances composed of molecules biosynthesized by plants (e.g. citrus fruits, rinds from citrus fruits, sprigs, barks, roots, seeds), which give the plants their typical smell.

From a structural point of view, essential oils are made up of a mixture of different chemically defined molecules: alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acid, esters and hydrocarbons.

From a physical point of view they usually appear in the form of more of less volatile oily liquids, but there are some � camphor, for instance- which take on a solid form when at room temperature.

The main methods used for extraction are:

  • distillation through steam
  • cold squeezing
  • extraction by means of solvents
Aromatic plants have been used since ancient times as real medicines. Nowadays, the beauty sector uses a number of aromatic plants for application on the skin in different cosmetic forms and in concentrations of up to 10-20%.

These may also be applied without any therapeutic objectives on a healthy skin. In this case, the skin provides a direct means to convey the beneficial effects of essential oils as a way to treat and / or prevent a number of disorders.

Cosmetic functions of essential oils:

  • cleansing and purifying action on the epidermeis
  • stimulating effect on the skin
  • anti-redness action
  • deodorant properties
  • refreshing effects

Marine algae constitute an exceptional source of microelements, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and amino-acids. In their cells, algae accumulate high concentrations of the active principles they extract from the sea.

Fucus vesiculosus has small vesicular cavities similar to small air-filled swellings, which accounts for its Latin scientific name, i.e. �vesicular� alga. It is found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Its main components are algin (a mucilaginous substance), algin acid, salts - especially iodine salts � organic iodine, mannuronic and glucuronic acids, sugars, proteins, carotenoids, vitamins of the B type, laminarin and essential oil.

Cosmetic functions of the Fucus

  • in conjunction with a specific type of hand massage or with special beauty equipment, it helps treat all skin disorders related to cellulite and localized adiposity.
  • Emollient, toning, mineralizing and stimulating properties.
This is microscopic light blue alga which looks like a mass of helicoidal filaments and is very rich in vitamins and proteins.

It is a form of natural plankton which grows and reproduces in alkaline-salty lakes in various areas in the would, especially in Mexico. It is cultivated in Mexico, in America, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Sunlight is the source of energy which enables Spirulina to synthesize an enormous amount of vitamins, of proteins readily assimilated by man as well as other very useful organic compounds.

Besides, it is claimed that Spirulina represented a precious source of nourishment among ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Mayas and Aztecs.

Its content in proteins, composed of all 8 essential amino acids, reaches concentrations of up to 50-75% of its day weight, which makes it particularly suitable as a food supplement.

Spirulina contains all the vitamins of the B type, especially high concentrations of vitamin B1 and B12, as well as carotene, a precursor of vitamin A.

This alga also contains calcium, phosphorous and iron in a form that is readily assimilated by the body.

Cosmetic functions of Spirulina

  • toning, firming effect on the epidermeis
  • highly moisturizing and emollient for the horny layer
  • a stimulant in epidemic renewal
Pineapple is a tropical fruit with a number of nourishing substances of remarkable importance in our diet: nitrogenous compounds, sugars, cellulose, citric and malic acids, vitamins A,B and C, yeast and a ferment called brome lain, which helps digest in just a few minutes 1,000 times its weight in proteins.

It is particularly this enzyme that makes pineapple extract a precious element not only in our diets but also as a cosmetic substance. Indeed, brome lain is a proteolytic enzyme which digests proteins by attacking them.

It is particularly this enzyme that makes pineapple extract a precious element not only in our diets but also as a cosmetic substance. Indeed, brome lain is a proteolytic enzyme which digests proteins by attacking them.

Cosmetic functions of pineapple extract

  • in combination with a specific type of hand massage or with special beauty equipment, it helps treat all skin disorders related to cellulite and localized adiposity.
  • it also helps fight the unpleasant �orange peel� look in some types of skin.

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