Oderme Wellness & Beauty
All of us would like to live a life running on these two tracks.

Wellness which is not just, or not only, enjoying excellent health, but having reached a status of psycological equilibrium to face the daily life with a positive attitude.

Beauty that you can check every day, personally, in front of a mirror but you can also see confirmed in other people eyes. We all need continuous efforts to find the inside serenity as well as to mantain an appearance which will give us securitiy and acceptance in our social circle. This is what all men and women demand.

Is that possible?

Certainly yes! and there is no need to look for magics. It is enough to look for people, who dedicate their professional knowledge to wellness and beauty : the beauticians in the beauty salon.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that beauty salon organizes itself and trains its staff to meet the customer's request.

Oderme has developed a marketing strategy according to this objective, a strategy based on the professional skill and honesty of the beautician.

Oderme strategy, based on welness&beauty, is the way for building an innovative relationship with the public.

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