Computerized Diagnostic System with Ultrasound

Testo'Derme: The Way to Consulting Service
The knowledge of the client's problems can be obtained by means of an accurate analysis, physiological and alimentary, aesthetic check up. In the recent past, this information seemed to be still sufficient for the beautician to formulate a programme of treatments in beauty salons, but not enough for guaranteeing results. To achieve this objective something new was needed. This new instrument does exist today: TESTO'DERME.

TESTO'DERME is in fact an extraordinary analyzer, where the traditional impedancemetry methodology is integrated with the ultrasounds technology, guaranteeing the absolute precision of the information.

THE TESTO'DERME information is supplied in form of numbers as well as of graphics and indicates the predisposition of the subject to a specific inaesthetism, giving the beautician the possibility to interveine in advance.

THE COMPUTER prints all information, so that the beautician can comment them with the client.

REPEATING the analisys at prefixed intervals, the beautician can evaluate the results and operate the proper interventions.

THE FINAL CONTROL will confirm the results obtained.

For The Face
Testo'derme will provide the following information:
  • Coutaneous hydration
  • Ph and bioelectrical normality
  • Coutaneous elasticity
  • Innovative and germinative cells
  • Muscular tonification
  • Cells renewing
  • Cellular mass functionality stress and the programme of beauty salon sessions

For The Body
Test o'derme will provide the following information:
  • Total water
  • Intra and extra cells water
  • NA/K exchange
  • Phase angle
  • Bioelectrical normality
  • Body mass index
  • Muscular mass
  • Fat and lean mass
  • Basic metabolism
  • Cell mass functionality
  • Cellulitis and adiposity distribution and the programme of beauty salon sessions

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